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Sistem Informasi Absensi Pegawai v1.0 – Personal

Berikut Screenshot Rilis Sistem Informasi Absensi Pegawai v1.0 Donasi.

1. Halaman Login

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (1)

2. Halaman Dashboard

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (2)

3. Master Pegawai

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (3)

4. Master Jadwal

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (4)

5. Master Sanksi

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (5)

6. Master Absensi

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (6)

7. Form Absensi Khusus

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (7)

8. Laporan

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (8)

9. Halaman Depan Pegawai

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (12)

10. Absensi Masuk

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (13)

11. Absensi Keluar

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (14)

12. Laporan Absensi Masing-masing Pegawai

phpbeg-sistem-informasi-absensi (15)

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